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  3. Demag crane (Dalian) Co. Ltd. 中文   English
    Demag crane (Dalian) Co. Ltd. Demag crane (Dalian) Co. Ltd. as a professional manufacturer of electric hoist and craneequipment and service suppliers, our company bold innovation, the pursuit of technological progress, refine on, is committed to providing professional customers safer, more economicalcrane solutions, and rely on our technology center and R & D center, providing personalized logistics handling solutions for customers, to meet customer requirements for the handling and transport, logistics distribution and improve the efficiency of the process. The companyprovides a full range of hoisting machinery products and services, products cover various industrial lifting equipment, steel wire rope electric hoist, lifting machinery products and high quality service of lifting equipment.Our products mainly include DMH electric chain hoist, DMH wire rope electric hoist electric hoist, clean room, explosion-proof elec……[detail]
    ·Chinese moment 2015-04-20
    ·Twelfth Five Year Plan 2015-04-20
    ·Manufacturing 2015-04-20
    ·Dalian metro project 2015-04-20
    ·Analysis of the heavy machinery 2015-04-20
    ·Demag crane 2015-04-20
    ·smoothly through the user unit 2015-04-15
    ·European crane 2015-04-15
    ·European crane! 2015-04-15
    ·European crane 2015-04-15
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